Fresh Start Internship Program 2021

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Fresh Start Internship Program 2021Internship / Online, Dishwasher Plant - Ankara (Physical&Online), Refrigerator&Compressor Plant - Eskişehir (Physical&Online), Cooking Appliances - Bolu (Physical&Online), Dryer & Electric Motors Plant - Tekirdağ/Çerkezköy (Physical&Online), Washing Machine Plant - Çayırova (Physical&Online), Istanbul/ European and Asian Sides (Physical&Online)

Job Description

We are looking for long-term interns to work on projects, operations and reporting to the related department.

· If you want to discover your abilities,
· If you want to work for a company that helps saving our planet,
· If you want to join global experience journey

Go beyond yourself and apply to Fresh Start Internship Program!

There will be 3 unique internship models, that we designed for your global journey!

Online Internship Program - Short Term (1 month/ **Specific departments only) 

Corporate Communications, Brand & Consumer Insights, Corporate Risk, Retail Development, Transformation & Customer Experience, Business Development, Global Content Excellence, Global Brand and Marketing Communications, Legal & Compliance, Purchasing, Import&Export Logistics, Product Sourcing, Marketing Capabilities & Integration, Warehousing&Distribution, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Customer Care

Online Internship Program - Long Term (3 months/ **Specific departments only) 

Data& AI, Industrial Design, Information Technologies, Innovation, Strategic Planning , Sustainability & Corporate Affairs, Research&Development, Product Management

Physical Internship Program - Short Term  (1 month/ **Specific departments only)

Production, Production Planning, Quality Assurance, Human Resources, Finance, Accounting  in Ankara, Çayırova,Bolu, Eskişehir, Çerkezköy.

Şirket Arçelik
Çalışan Sayısı 30000+
Sektör Dayanıklı Tüketim
Konum Ankara Eskişehir Tekirdağ/Çerkezköy Çayırova, Istanbul
Tür Staj
Son Başvuru Tarihi 21 Mart 2021 00:00
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