Talent Nest Summer Internship 2023 - İstanbul Headquarter (Hybrid)

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Are you looking for an exciting, challenging and rewarding internship in world’s largest food & beverage and wellness company?

Talent Nest is a 3 months' summer internship programme that introduces the world of Nestlé as an employer, as well as a strong foundation for further development. It is a fantastic chance to gain hands-on experience and explore a function during the summer before your final year of university.

What is Talent Nest ?

With Talent Nest, a project-based internship program that aims experiential learning that our applicants have an opportunity to access dedicated mentoring and practical training throughout their internship periods.

The Qualifications We Are Looking For

·       Undergraduate students who are study currently in their 3rd year and veterinary medicine students who are study currently in their 4th year  

·       Able to work 5 days a week in summer period as a full - time in Istanbul (hybrid)

·       Able to work part - time during fall period in Istanbul (hybrid)

·       Students with active involvement in extra co-curricular activities in university

·       Excellent command of written and spoken English

·       A great team player with excellent interpersonal and communication skills

·       Has strong drive and desire to lay an excellent foundation for future career success

Çalışan Sayısı 3000+
Sektör Hızlı Tüketim Ürünleri
Konum İstanbul
Tür Kısa Dönem Staj
Son Başvuru Tarihi 07 Mayıs 2023 23:59
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