Şişecam Global Young Talent Program Together 2023

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Global Young Talent Program Together is designed to build Şişecam’s future with talented university students while offering them a real job from day one.

Being a part of our Global Young Talent Program "Together"; 

 About The Program


  • You’ll develop skills to prepare for a global career path in an industrial company
  • You’ll improve your existing strengths, while developing critical skills in team building, communication, problem solving and project management
  • You’ll experience real roles with real responsibilities
  • Having production activities in 14 countries and sales in 150 countries, you’ll experience global expertise while meet students from around the world where Şişecam operates
  • We care about your development with hands on trainings, business schools and network with leaders from Şişecam


  • 4th grade of Undergraduate students or Master, PhD students
  • Good command of English
  • Good knowledge of MS Office applications
  • Potential for having learning agility, resilience and analytical thinking skills
  • Open minded and highly collaborative
  • Self-motivated and a good team player
  • Adaptation to a challenging environment
  • Able to work 3 days of a week in 7 months period
Şirket Şişecam
Çalışan Sayısı 24000+
Sektör Üretim
Konum İstanbul, Çayırova/ Kocaeli, Ankara, Eskişehir, Bursa, Kırklareli/ Lüleburgaz, Mersin, Balıkesir, Denizli, Aydın/ Çine, Bilecik, Karabük, Yalıköy
Tür Genç Yetenek Programı
Son Başvuru Tarihi 06 Kasım 2022 23:59
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